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Welcome to Eichler Investigative Services, LLC.

Connecticut's Premier Investigation Firm!

Eichler Investigative Services, LLC. is dedicated to helping our clients find the answers they need through our premier private investigation services. The first step is scheduling an initial consultation with each client to create an action plan. Shortly after, a team with the perfect combination of expertise is assigned to work on your case. Our team has investigators with experience across various fields, ensuring our clients get expertise they can’t find anywhere else.

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What Set’s Us Apart


Nationally Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI)

Connecticut's First Private Sector & Youngest CCDI!

Erik Eichler was the first private sector and youngest Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator in Connecticut.

The CCDI designee must, "Adhere to the philosophical and methodical dynamics of the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation."-Brad Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER  

We make sure our investigators receive the most elite training in our industry to maintain our reputation as the best! At Eichler Investigative Services, LLC., we support yearly continuing education to stay up to date with new techniques and investigative tools. 

Certified Forensic Science Investigator

The ONLY Certified Forensic Science Investigator in CT!

The Certified Forensic Science Investigator (CFSI) is designed to elevate the ability of the criminal defense investigator to interpret and recognize the need for expert independent analysis.  

The expertise of the CFSI will enhance the capabilities of the defense team and increase the effectiveness of representation consistent with the demands of due process.-CDITC

Erik focused in areas in Latent Prints, General Crime Scene, Bloodstain Detection & Interpretation, Firearm's Examination, and Forensic Photography, he graduated at the top of his class with honors.  


Death & Serious Bodily Injury Investigation

We Promise Quality, Dignity,

Eichler Investigative Services, LLC uses techniques proven and provided by expert Dean A. Beers, CLE, CCDI, CFI-FTER, CFSI, in criminal defense homicide and civil equivocal death investigations. 

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